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Slugger! is a baseball pitch counter that is perfect if you play, coach or watch baseball. Slugger! will make sure you never lose the count, and will even keep track of the current pitchers' stats - a great help when you're considering your team strategy during the game.

Let Slugger! take care of the boring stuff so you can enjoy the game. All you need to do is enter the result of each pitch and Slugger! takes care of the rest. The innings count, out count, and pitcher stats are all recorded.

If you're coaching and need to see how a pitcher is tracking during a game Slugger! is ideal. Slugger! tracks a pitchers totals and strike percentages so you can see if their performance changes as they tire over the course of a game. Deciding whether to use the bullpen will never be a gamble again!

Slugger! also tracks the performance of the opposition pitcher so you can plan your batting rotation to take advantage of any weaknesses.

Slugger takes care of all this stuff so you can concentrate on the game.